Marketing & Branding Workshops

Have you heard your own story so much you’re blinded to its important points? Do you need to clarify your message? Unite your team around a common purpose? Let us facilitate a private 1 day workshop to tackle your most pressing challenges. We’ll work with you to cut through the clutter, pull you from indecision, and give you the critical answers needed to solve your unique challenges in a short timeframe.

Purpose: Why do you exist? Why should anyone join your cause? Building your brand around a deeper purpose is key to understanding the meaning and motivation behind your business. 

Vision: What is the future you hope to create? Where will you be in 5, 10, 20 years? We will help you articulate your vision statement so your team is 100% aligned on what you see for the future.

Core Values:  What values does do you hold sacred and why? We'll determine the most fundamental guiding principles of your company and craft core values that support the vision and shapes the culture.

Brand Motto: We'll craft your "war cry" — a short, simple phrase that encapsulates the beliefs and ambitions that guide your business.

Brand Audience: We'll define your audience, what their beliefs are, what will resonate with them and what it means to build a narrative beyond what you do and sell.

Brand Personality: What should you sound like? We establish a set of human characteristics that are attributed to your brand, which sets the tone of verbal communication.

How are you D-fferent: At the end of the workshop you will understand how you are d-fferent.