D-fferent provides innovative and engaging on the job training for regionally based Australian youth in our creative studio in rural NSW.  Our mission is to provide the right training to ensure top quality creative jobs for regionally based youth in Australia. 


The D-fferent Digital Program

A year long educational program in our creative studio in regional NSW, Australia.  Develop in-demand digital media skills through our intensive digital media program and fine tune these skills as you work.  During the program you gain insight into the day-to-day operations of a local business and develop the skill set to set you up for an exciting and impactful digital media career. 


The course fee for the year long program at our creative studio is AUD $2,795.  

Why does it cost money when our mission is to provide creative work opportunities for youth in regional Australia?  Because you need to be invested and motivated.  In our experience, when we are given something for free we often discard it and we certainly don't appreciate it.  This is an opportunity we value highly, and we think you should too. If however you are not in a position to pay the course fee, we can work with you on lots of payment plans - no exclusion over a lack of cash here.